Allegations”politically motivated

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Canada Goose online [score hidden] submitted 5 hours agoThe new provision canada goose outlet new york city in San Francisco, which voters approved in a wikipedia reference Cheap Canada Goose 2016 referendum, expires after 2022 canada goose outlet nyc unless the city decides to extend it. Noncitizens, including those without legal status, can vote only in school board races and only if they are parents, legal guardians, or caregivers to children canada goose outlet toronto factory under the age of 19.Proponents argued that expanding school board elections to non citizens made canada goose black friday sale sense canada goose outlet uk given estimates that about one third of children in the school system have foreign canada goose outlet store uk born parents.You free to disagree with this, but let provide the full story, not the racially truncated version.How is it a “smear” when there are canada goose outlet reviews legitimate accusers releasing statements on allegations of sexual assault against them by Kavanaugh? The Democratic politicians didn’t write canada goose outlet parka those statements, or hire these people.This whole fiasco may have energized the Trump base because of all the bullshit they were fed, but the Republicans’ handling of these accusations proved that these Senators should not be leading the Senate, and Democrats are going to make sure of that these midterm elections.Republican politicians are willfully incompetent, and are destroying our institutions because of that. 21 points submitted 2 days agoThere is now a concrete storyline backed by irrefutable evidence: The FBI allowed itself to take political opposition research created by one party to defeat another in an election, treated it like actionable intelligence, presented it to the court as substantiated, and then used it to justify spying on an adviser for the campaign of that party duly chosen nominee for canada goose outlet canada president in the final days of a presidential election.. Canada Goose online

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