And yes, the canada goose uk black friday government mad tax

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Sure and nearly impossible to stop outright, canada goose outlet jackets but the purpose goose outlet canada of a home is shelter not profit. Its a misuse of a property. Maybe the price should canada goose outlet store uk be set by canada goose factory sale common attributes like location, size canada goose outlet canada and possible utility. I certainly wouldn be the first to think it should have some sort of regulation, cap or index. In Canada they have laws that limit the amount of properties one person canada goose outlet parka can own and rent which I think would be nice here as canada goose black friday sale a start.

The value always going up is only possible as long as we have a mortgage system where people compete canada goose coats on sale with each other canada goose outlet toronto factory in how much of their life they are willing canada goose outlet canada goose coats online to trade while also competing with millionaires who can pay any price Canada Goose Jackets without a loan.

The properties wouldn even be able to get anywhere near as expensive if mortgages were illegal but that wouldn lead to a fair system either.

It a tricky one, but at the momment its too fucked to let it continue as is.

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There an illegal market for everything. And yes, the canada goose uk black friday government mad tax hikes on smokes can be credited with fueling the illegal tobacco market, in cheap Canada Goose the same Canada Goose Parka way Harvey Norman television prices canada goose jacket outlet fuel the market of cheap canada goose uk people breaking into homes and stealing televisions. What I trying to say there canada goose Canada Goose sale outlet reviews is that you blame the criminal, not the person or group whose rules they trying to circumvent.

This is canada goose outlet new york city pure conjecture but it within the realm of reasonable assumption that the uk canada goose number of smokers has shrunk after the tax hikes, which was their main justification for canada goose outlet sale doing it. An illegal market is just an unfortunate side effect. But smugglers can canada goose factory outlet be countered, rounded canada goose outlet black friday up, and ultimately canada Canada Goose online goose outlet Canada Goose Outlet uk sale canada goose uk shop defeated a lot more effectively than lung cancer.

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Its clearly a societal change. Its no longer seen as cool or trendy in any walks of life, especially in the media.

The small but frequent increases in tax were canada goose black friday sale a kin to raising the heat slowly under a lobster.

Why did they stop the increases? Why didn they just add pop an extra tenner on the price in one go? It would have affected sales too much and canada goose outlet shop in turn lowered the tax intake, the only concern when they create sly secondary taxes under the guise of financial coercion of the people.

Its as ridiculous as the sugar tax. Its just an excuse to squeeze out more tax. They used to canadagooseoutleta just fiddle the official canada goose outlet books when we controlled our own Canada Goose Coats On Sale currency and they needed more canada goose store money. How they spin something in the media has Cheap Canada Goose vests no bearing on the reasons or motivations.

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There has been arms canada goose uk canada goose outlet outlet in usa escalation, the Garda have been buying weapons from Israel for the last five or so years for their expanding armed units and there has been a buy canada goose jacket cheap noticeable increase canada goose outlet in armed crimes and armed gangs. The Garda are canada goose outlet nyc escalating the arms race between themselves and criminals.

Tasers are a different breed of weapon (torture devices according to some UN report) but the same logic of escalation and normalization applies.

If all the Garda get tasers you find criminals not leaving the house without one themselves. Tasers can be home made a lot easier than a gun.

When you hear about canada goose outlet uk some kid dying from using an unsafe taser you will know it was the canada goose outlet store Garda that opened pandora box. Same for crimes involving automatic weapons. That the one you mean? The Democrats are losing their minds right now and canadian goose jacket it wouldn surprise me in canada goose the slightest canada goose uk outlet if the canada goose outlet online uk FBI allows things Canada Goose Online like school shootings to canada goose clearance sale happen (not saying they actually planned them, but they refused to intervene with an insane individual who repeatedly threatened to shoot up said school). Remember, King Jr. was a Republican as were most black civil rights activists of the era. canada goose clearance It was Democrats such as LBJ who were racist. The Confederate South was almost entirely Democrat, and it was the Republican party whom voted majority to pass the 14th Amendment.