Between the 19th century and now

Why are Embroidery Scissors Shaped Like Storks

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But why a stork? Isn’t that a bit random?

Well, I got curious about this and went looking canada goose outlet store on the canada goose outlet jackets internet Canada Goose Online to see why embroidery scissors are shaped like storks. At first, all I got were some canada goose outlet reviews less than reputable looking blogs, but they were all kind official canada goose outlet of saying the same thing: that the canada goose outlet in usa scissors started out as part of a midwife’s toolkit. But the blogs that I found canada goose outlet sale didn’t really say how. Just that the scissors are now shaped like storks to symbolise childbirth for some reason.

That’s kind of a weird jump, isn’t it? But this canada goose outlet canada goose uk black friday online uk was a good Canada Goose online starting point, canada goose outlet and eventually goose outlet canada I came to a page on the Smithsonian’s canada goose website about a specific canada goose outlet store uk pair of stork scissors which had been donated to the collection. I was sort of surprised and not surprised to find that the Smithsonian had a page Canada Goose Jackets about stork scissors, but it still didn’t tell me how these tiny little scissors for delicate work were used in the delivery of a brand new life into this canada goose outlet new york city world. But it did canada goose outlet black friday tell me that there was a genuine connection between the two. Specifically, it stated that the Canada Goose Parka donated pair of these scissors canada goose uk shop was part of a midwife’s toolkit.

I searched around a little more, and eventually canada goose outlet parka found out that these scissors didn’t actually start out as scissors at canada goose outlet canada all, but as umbilical clamps, and would sometimes have a set of forceps shaped like snakes to go with them. Why snakes? To symbolise the Rod of Asclepius to go along with the stork which symbolises childbirth. Between the 19th century and now, these little stork scissors have gone through some really big changes. Though buy canada goose jacket cheap most of them seemed to be between four and a uk canada goose half and canada goose coats on sale six inches long, with their heads mounted at almost a 45 degree angle, unlike the straight Canada Goose Coats On Sale look of the scissors that we use canada goose outlet shop today. The beaks were heavy clamps not meant to cut, but to restrict the blood flow before the umbilical was cut. Some even had little babies hidden inside the stork that would appear when the clamps were open.

But why did these clamps morph into an embroidery tool? Well, the answer actually seemed pretty straightforward. There’s a lot of waiting around with childbirth, often times hours or even longer, and what do we do when we get bored waiting for something to happen? We pull out our embroidery and get to canada goose coats work. Because of this, it seems that midwives would often keep their canada goose uk outlet birthing kit in with their canada goose factory sale embroidery basket, so they’d always have both on hand at a moment’s notice whenever they needed either one. canada goose factory outlet Over canada goose outlet nyc time, the clamps began to change in shape and size, moving from the midwife cheap Canada Goose side canada goose store of the basket over to the embroidery side.

Today, the Canada Goose Outlet storks are a pretty big collector’s item. Most are listed canada goose uk canada goose outlet outlet toronto factory for a couple of hundred dollars, though I buy canada goose jacket did find one pair of sterling silver clamps from 1890 listed for over $1200. canada goose jacket outlet Admittedly, this is probably more to do with the maker than the clamps themselves, since they do seem to canadian goose jacket be highly in demand silversmiths whose spoons sell for $700.