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Dressing like a teacher

Take uk canada goose outlet other teachers as your example. Every school (and grade level) is different. Start by erring on the side of overdressing then get more casual if you want, and it acceptable at your school.

If you are a young woman, avoid shopping in the juniors section. It sucks, canada goose black friday sale but studies have shown that male teachers are taken more canada goose outlet online seriously. Make sure it looks canada goose outlet uk like you take yourself seriously.

While canada goose factory outlet you cheap canada goose uk should (duh) not be dressing intentionally “sexy,” it canada goose outlet is not your responsibility to keep teenage boys from ogling you. You do not have canada goose to be a frump to be a good teacher.

Part of looking canada goose clearance like a teacher is styling and self presentation beyond clothes. canada goose uk shop You cheap Canada Goose should official canada goose outlet be well pressed and neat. Even if Canada Goose online your clothes are fine, the effortless, just rolled out of bed look does not convey a teacherly air.

Before you get started on style, you need to uk canada goose start at Canada Goose sale square one make buy canada goose jacket sure all your clothes fit and look good on you. Check out canada goose outlet toronto factory these other FFA resources: Guide to Fit, Guide to Proportion, goose outlet canada and other sidebar canada goose factory sale guides. Get to know your local tailor.

I have included a lot canada goose clearance of inspo that work as complete teacher outfits. Canada Goose Parka That said, the shoes in many of these images are either not Canada Goose Jackets appropriate or not comfortable for teaching. Look canada goose outlet store uk to the shoe canada goose jacket outlet section for advice on the ankles down.

Be aware: wide leg and boot canada goose outlet jackets cut trousers look frumptastic with flat shoes 99.9% of the time, canadian goose jacket so stick to slim or straight cuts if you canada goose outlet canada usually wear flat shoes.

The rules for chinos apply here, too (not too tight, not too low rise).

The difference between chinos and dress pants is in canada goose outlet black friday the details: fabric content (cotton chinos vs. more formal fabric), pockets, and fastenings. If you do not know which is which, your workplace is probably canada goose coats fine with either.

Some schools allow teachers to wear jeans. If you cannot, disregard this section.

And again I canada goose outlet reviews say, not too tight, not too low rise.

Dark wash, unembellished, undistressed jeans will keep you from looking like a high school student, and they look Canada Goose Outlet more professional. Straight leg or skinny (not thin, skin tight jeggings) are both appropriate. Gel inserts are your friend.

Oxfords, ankle boots, and loafers are all good choices, canada goose clearance sale if you can want to do a heel.

Low heels and canada goose outlet uk sale wedges are also good. (Many people who find heels hard to tolerate all day are comfortable in wedges thanks to the additional support.)

Avoid soaring stiletto heels or other sexy shoes. If you are comfortable in heels, then knock yourself out, but anything higher than Canada Goose Online 3″ is probably too much.

Open toed shoes may or may not fly in your school. I think this is largely regional canada goose coats on sale in some places, Canada Goose Coats On Sale they are a no go; in others they fine.

Toms canada goose outlet new york city and other espadrilles are just too young looking and casual. canada goose outlet nyc They are basically meant to be worn outdoors in the summer, and they look it.

Teachers can wear sneakers in many schools, especially primary schools. They are comfortable and canada canada goose uk black friday goose outlet store sensible, if you are chasing grubby kids all day. BUT they can veer into messy, juvenile, or just plain unfashionable territory fast. buy canada goose jacket cheap It is best to steer clear of sneakers with canada goose uk outlet visible branding. A plain, comfortable sneaker (probably canvas) that matches what you wearing is probably your best option. (If you are a total sneakerhead, then you are probably 2nxtlvl4 this guide anyway.)

If the rest of your outfit says canada goose store “sensible teacher” you can have some fun with your shoes, but as with everything else, canada goose outlet sale avoid styles that are too canada goose outlet in usa young looking like mary janes, scrunchy ballet flats, Ugg canada goose outlet shop boots, or really embellished shoes. Born, Ecco) are really hit or miss on the fashion front, canada goose black friday sale so use your discretion. (We here to help, so just ask us!)

Some sensible shoe spo

Many new teachers come to FFA worried that they look like they are still in high school. If you follow the guidelines so far, you should be fine, but here are a few more things to consider.

Make sure your canada goose outlet online uk clothes fit you well. I have already said it, but it bears emphasizing. Read the sidebar links, stop buying clothes in the juniors section, and go to a tailor.

Some clothes, like denim skirts, look young no matter what.

Twee, vintage inspired, and other cute leaning styles can read as young. Check out this canada goose outlet parka guide to Modcloth and twee by /u/thenshesays for some tasteful twee inspo. Even though she plays a teacher on TV, Zooey Deschanel is not the best style icon for teachers.