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Used Carbon Clincher Canada Goose Parka Options

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When you bombing down a highway descent at 60+ mph and see a bend at the bottom, smelling your carbon heat up even when you just feather the brakes, you wish you had alloy brake tracks.

When your club team is all canada goose uk black friday like “broooo those Rovals goose outlet canada look sickkk” you be really glad you went Full Carbon Clincher. My current race wheels, Stinger 7/9 canada goose outlet parka front/rear, I bought used, with very good tires (used them for 3 seasons and 2 seasons respectively), for maybe $1100 total. I also bought my Stinger 4 front for very little, maybe $280 shipped?

If you looking for race wheels you might consider tubulars. buy canada goose jacket If you need an all purpose set of wheels canada goose coats get a canada goose outlet canada set of taller rims (60 90mm) and uk canada goose outlet save your canada goose outlet nyc current front wheel for use when it windy out canada goose clearance sale or you Canada Goose online going to canada goose store go 45+ mph (descents, drafting trucks, etc).

Finally don make the canada goose outlet black friday mistake I made re: aero vs weight. I bought some alum rim carbon fairing clinchers (Jet 6 9 front rear). With training tires they weigh literally just about 3 canada goose outlet online uk lbs more than my tubulars with the same height (Stinger 7 9). Actual weight difference, in rims/tires/rear skewer alone, canada goose outlet store is 2.79 canada goose outlet shop lbs. All my bikes canada goose coats on sale have similar steel cassettes, HED hubs, the aero spokes, canada goose Canada Goose Online outlet uk same spoke counts. The uk canada goose Jets make it difficult for me to canada goose outlet store uk finish training crits; I get shelled within 15 20 minutes when canada goose outlet new york city I went back canada goose outlet uk sale to Stingers for the same training crit the next week cheap canada goose uk I was vying canada goose uk outlet for the win an hour after the start. I don cheap Canada Goose know what the cusp is canada goose outlet for Canada Goose Coats On Sale me but that 2.8 lbs extra is a bit much for me. 1 lbs extra in the rims/tires (Bastognes) is canada goose factory outlet okay, I actually placed 3rd in a summer/real crit on the wheels, but my lack of punch in the sprint in that race was a bit disconcerting. In comparison, another race, same venue, same bike except wheels, significantly canada goose outlet reviews less fitness, Stinger 7/9 wheels, I had a much better sprint, beating canada goose black friday sale some canada goose factory sale Cat 2s and 1s in the sprint.

Bike weights with clinchers:

With Bastognes, 7.72 kg / 17.0 lbs

With Jets, 8.62 kg / 18.98 lbs

Bike weights with tubulars:

With the Stinger 7/9 setup weighs 7.35 canada goose outlet sale kg or 16.19 lbs.

U shape is a bit more stable in crosswinds. My 75mm tall U shaped rim (2013? Stinger 7) is just as stable as my 60mm tall semi V shaped rim (2010 Stinger 6) which in turn was about as stable as Canada Goose sale a 46mm V shaped rim (2005 Reynolds DV46). It made the 7 my default race wheel, even in gusty wind conditions, because the 6 isn any more stable. I haven gone buy canada goose jacket canada goose outlet nyc cheap faster than about 41 42 canada goose outlet jackets mph on the 7 so I have no canadian goose jacket idea how it is on a descent, but my Stinger 6, Jet 6, and Reynolds DV46 were scary once I hit 50 mph. My basically non aero HED Bastogne/Ardennes is fine to at least 55 mph. Non aero 21mm rims (FiR Isidis typically) stable to 60+ mph on descents.

For rim width you should figure out what you want for your wheels and try to match your race and training wheels. I start at race wheels and work back to training wheels, because my main reason for cycling is to be able to race. The Stingers are basically 28mm wide at the brake track. Even with maxing out the barrel adjuster I couldn get the brakes to work on my normal 21mm wide clinchers switching canada goose jacket outlet wheels meant undoing the cable clamp and reclamping. That way too risky if repeated once/twice a week during race season Canada Goose Jackets so I bought the 23mm wide Bastognes and Jets. However it still about 5 full turns of the barrel adjuster between race and training wheels. canada goose outlet in usa My preference would be to ditch the Bastogne and Jets and get one set official canada goose outlet of 25 28mm wide carbon clinchers, non aero front, 60 90mm rear, ideally something that mimics my race wheel set up in terms of hubs (so no adj necessary for rear derailleur or for the speed pick up on the rear wheel). This way Canada Goose Outlet I could use the front wheel in extremely windy races and training rides where I might go fast on a descent or behind a truck.

I canada goose uk shop ridden them in the rain a handful of times and haven had any issue with brake effectiveness. I also taken them canada goose down some steep descents and ridden them pretty hard.