By comparison, in other studies, only about 14 percent of

Our last encounter included her showing up from her home (two hours away) unannounced at my door, waking up my sleeping baby. I texted her the next day and told her that next time, visits need to be planned in advance to avoid disturbing my son’s schedule.She LOST her mind, guys.She told me “that’s just not how life works” and then went on to insisting that I was a liar and that my son wasn’t asleep, and didn’t need a nap.The next day she sent my husband texts about how “never in her worst nightmares did she imagine he would meet and marry someone as hateful and awful as me”. She then admitted to having contacted a lawyer about grandparents rights (no chance, lance), before continuing to insult me for “not allowing her to bond with her grandbaaaaaaby”.She has been my BEC for the past year and after the last incident, we went NC and decided that she will never see my son and me ever again.

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