Definitely were highs and lows

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moncler outlet store One is on trial and the Senate is not a courtroom. But our nation tradition of fairness still applies. A presumption of innocence is how the American justice system works, and moncler chicago it should remain our guidepost in the Senate. It has long been Pakistan’s position that the only way to end the war in Afghanistan is through a negotiated settlement with the Afghan Taliban. The US is coming around to this view too, although it cheap moncler jackets wholesale is still basing its relations with Pakistan on the condition that we take immediate and decisive action against the Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network. It is telling that the two sides issued separate statements rather than a joint communiqu after the meeting, showing that they still remain far apart on most issues. moncler outlet store

moncler sale Bill’s beginning backdrop was a photo of a Muslim with the caption “radical rhetoric.” Bill didn’t play the part of the video where Franklin Graham moncler jackets cheap made some stupid cheap moncler jackets (but typical) Islamophobic comments but he did play Amanpour’s question about whether there was agreement with Graham’s comment about how we should fear Islam. The video showed a response, moncler jackets outlet from an Islamic cleric in London, that the “east and west will be governed by Sharia” and “the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.” Bill said “wow” and told his guest, Charles Krauthammer, “If I were Christiane Amanpour” (at which point he laughed and said “what a thought”) “I would have laughed and called him moncler jackets canada a loon.” (Would he have laughed at Grahams’s comment that Muslims want to build as many mosques as they can, in America, to convert Americans or Robert Spencer’s lie that Imam Rauf advocates Sharia?) Krauthammer then spoke about how radical Islamists in Europe want to impose Sharia. (Are ya scared yet!) O’Reilly said that Amanpour should have challenged the statement moncler sale.