For example, if the Condition is Cool, and you got mostly Cute

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moncler outlet uk I uk moncler outlet really like this idea! Maybe you could be told the air in an area is highly volatile, and if you use an Electric or Fire type attack, the place lights up! Or if you wanted to go a moncler outlet woodbury little more towards Thousand Year Door, maybe you could have an audience that interferes in certain battles maybe a Pokmon launches an attack onto the field that both Trainers have to deal with, or you can impress a crowd at a public battle, and afterward, they give you items.The only problem with it that I thinking of would be whether it would do anything in competitive. If it introduced a random factor into battles, it might not go over very well. Honestly, though, and this is just me going on a tangent, I think there should be more variety in arenas in Link Battles anyway, because the same blue square building just gets boring to me. The only moncler sale outlet real reason to keep it the same is for Secret Power, anyway, and how many Pokmon use that? (I not very familiar with competitive. Does anything run Secret Power?)On a more related note, they actually did something a little like this in XY. The Great Pokemon Race. It not much of a battle but it more of a side thing like Contests or Pokestar studios.You choose one Pokemon to moncler sale use as a race partner (if you don have any that are eligible you can rent one)You have have 4 commands, Attack, Evade/Defend, Progress, discount moncler jackets and Feed. Everything is based on a stamina meter.Progressing moves you furthest in the race (Depletes medium Stamina) Attacking moves you a bit further and hits other racers for stamina (Depletes high Stamina) Evading/Defending halts movement to protect yourself from an attack (If attacked depletes low stamina. If not attacked no stamina depletion.) Feeding halts movement and replenishes stamina (If attacked while eating recover half normal stamina) top 3 wins race, lose if you run out of stamina or don come top 3King of the Hill. The field consists of 3 progressively smaller layers, each stacked on top of the other, like a Moncler Outlet online pyramid. The goal is to be the player on the top of moncler usa the ladder after a set amount of turns, like 10 or so. Or maybe this format could also function as a sort of free for all, where the last one standing wins. Battle Royales tried to do the whole FFA thing, but moncler womens jackets kind of ruined it with the weird points system.This gamemode would be a mix between contests and regular battles, where each move deals damage but also has specific properties to it. Earthquake for example would deal damage to all opponents on the same layer as you, but would also knock all Pokemon on the field down by one level. Telekinesis would do its regular thing, but then you would swap places with the target, etc.I be honest I only just came up with this idea a few seconds ago and haven really given much thought to the actual details and mechanics behind it. However I really enjoyed the change up of the combat system in Pokken moncler sale online Tournament and think something along those lines could be cool.Imagine the original setup, but you moncler uk outlet also get one move each round to add some strategy to the game play? (Left, Right, Forward, Back)Giving the game almost a circular or Chessboard like arena to play in. Attacks from certain positions, proximity, and attacks to certain body parts or the opponents Pokmon could be taken into effect? cheap moncler sale Making a very dynamic fight. Direction in the combat system alone would make the each battle more strategically involved. The two I thought moncler outlet online of that I can call “pretty original” are:Contest Battles: Okay, I admit, this one cribbing off the anime a little. But I think there something cheap moncler jackets there that you could put into the cheap moncler jackets womens games. This is what I got: The battle goes like a Single moncler online store Battle, but each move, like they had in regions with contests, has a second “Type”, it Condition. Now, before the battle, a random Condition gets chosen from the five, and it gets a certain bonus, maybe increased power or accuracy, and bad Conditions get a certain penalty. But here the thing: the battle Condition can change by using moves of a different Condition. I think moncler outlet store it would add another layer cheap moncler jackets mens to battles, and create some interesting strategies. For example, if the Condition is Cool, and you got mostly Cute (which is a bad match), what do you do? Do you muddle through, or find a way to change it?Score Battles: With this one, I thought of Smash Brothers. Specifically, Melee scoring system. Whenever you did certain things in a battle, like never use your shield, for example, you got extra points at the end of the battle. Now, they didn actually do anything. until you played in Bonus Melee. There, the bonuses were how you won you could knock the other guy out five times, but if he walked through the whole battle, he got more points! It rewarded style over substance, and Pokmon battles could get rated by something similar. For example, using a bunch of sound moves uk moncler sale against someone who behind a substitute, best moncler jackets or using moncler outlet prices Baton Pass moncler outlet sale with a lot of stat boosts. (I thought of quite a few of these, actually.)Probably less of a Battle Format but more of a minigame. “Pokemon Tussle” or something like that.A game of Rock Paper Scissors of sorts, where you have six Pokemon, and a single health bar. The goal isn to faint all of the opposing Pokemon (Pokemon cannot faint in this mode), but to drain your opponent life bar. You choose a single Pokemon, and then choose to attack of defend with them. If you attack, you choose one the Pokemon types (or the Pokemon only type) moncler outlet to attack with. This will determine how much damage you do. The damage ranges from a fair sum if the attack is Effective against a typing on the enemy Pokemon, all the way to very little if it would normally have no effect. cheap moncler coats mens If a Pokemon has more than one type, the damage done will factor in to both types, and add both chunks of damage accordingly. Single Type Pokemon will take more damage than Pokemon with two typings, but still be able to deal just as much as any other. Both sides are revealed at the same time, and take their respective damage at the same time moncler outlet uk.