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cheap moncler jackets outlet A place for discussion of a very popular collectible card game without the uk moncler sale permission or approval of Wizards of the Coast or Hasbro. Alternatives for online play, High quality proxies, Non sanctioned competition, and more.Rule 0: /r/bootlegmtg in no way supports or condones or tolerates the fraudulent selling of replica cards as authentic. If someone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of paper, https://www.moncler-jacket-outlet.com they deserve to get what they think they paying for.Rule 1: /r/bootlegmtg is not the place to discuss specifics of manufacture for replica cards. Discussion of home printing processes, or aging techniques, are acceptable, but limit discussion of specific details related to cheap moncler coats mens large scale replica processes.Rule 2: Avoid frivolous or duplicative or unhelpful threads. Don start a thread moncler outlet online just to ask about a couple cards unless you exhausted the search capabilities (and the review sticky) and have come up empty or still have questions. Don start a thread asking where to buy; reviewers moncler uk outlet should be linking to the seller in their reviews look for review threads. Don start a thread just to complain about something unless it a fleshed out critique, discussion starter, view on the state of the community, etc.Rule 3: NO ADVERTISING. If you a manufacturer of cards, don spam replies pointing people to your site. One thread when you release a new set is fine, but don get scummy. ESPECIALLY do NOT sockpuppet. If it becomes obvious that you are doing so, I will remove all mention to your cards except for a very large sticky warning people away.Rule 4: Link to the seller or put some kind of contact information in your review thread. This allows people who do their research to find the right seller. Also, please link your review from a comment in the comprehensive reviews best moncler jackets thread. Threads that are just requests for links to sellers will be removed (do your research; the information is available).Handy Links:Links to Reviews (Out of date, but still useful)Become a Redditorand moncler outlet sale subscribe to one of thousands of communities.14Here is my review of ordering from VZ.I ordered moncler outlet prices from VZ many times and each time has been a pleasant and positive experience. If you not sure about ordering from VZ, I would encourage you to reach moncler outlet out to him via email with any questions or concerns you may have. He has moncler sale great communication, and is very responsive (even after you have paid for your order he will respond to your inquiries).10/10 Communication: As mentioned above, VZ has superb communication. He is always very responsive when I reach out to moncler outlet woodbury him before placing an order to see if he can fulfill it. But what really gives VZ a perfect communication score is that he will maintain that level of communication even after you have sent moncler usa him your money. My last order took an unusual amount of time to arrive; so much so that I was pondering issuing a charge back. Instead, I decided to send VZ an email and requested he confirm that my order had been shipped and where it was. Within a day, not only had he uncovered the reason for the delay, but also provided me with a tracking (although the tracking is only updated until the package leaves moncler mens China). Lastly, I like to note that VZ semi regularly updates his card lists, so before placing any order, I always ask him to provide me with a list of his cards (he recently got mishra baubles!)10/10 Shipping: VZ usually ships your order 1 2 days after receiving payment, however, your cards moncler outlet store can take up to 2 moncler sale online weeks to arrive which can be a pain although it not something that I fault him for. In terms of cost, VZ charges a reasonable $4.79 cheap moncler jackets mens USD for shipping which includes a tracking (updated until the package leaves China). He doesn provide the tracking unless you request it.6/10 Cards: First, VZ charges $2.79 per card if you order over 10 cards. Orders are shipped in a sealed pack which usually include bonus uk moncler outlet cards to fill out the cheap moncler jackets pack so that it is nice and tight for the long journey from China. Now for quality, which is the part you are probably most interested in. I can only speak for the cards that I moncler online store ordered from him (which are predominantly modern cards), but most are passable if your only intention is to play with them in a deck (please do not try to sell fakes for full price; no one deserves that!!). His cards will not pass for real cards under any of cheap moncler sale the well known tests. But moncler sale outlet moreover, the coloration of many of his cards is slightly off. For example, if you playing with 4 of his fs goyfs, no one (except for perhaps the pedant observer) is going to notice that the hue of the fs goyf is slightly pale, unless it was next to a real fs goyf. However, the contrast in hue between some of his fake cards and their real counterparts vary drastically. For example, his abrupt decays look so bad that not even a double sleeve would hide their poor coloration. As a final note, I like to mention that I don participate in sanctioned tournaments.With all that being said, I am still very pleased with the cards that I discount moncler jackets have ordered from VZ. Thanks to his cheap moncler jackets womens service, I have been able to play with multiple magic decks for the cost of less moncler womens jackets than one if I had purchased real cards. I have made over 5 orders from him, and each time has been a positive experience cheap moncler jackets outlet.