I now feel like I am in a miraculous place of understanding

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canada goose uk shop The maths at the foundational level when it is setup to deal with SR clearly shows what is happening, there is the Pythagorean triangle with its hypotenuse as ct with horizontal as vt then for the vertical it equates to ct’ this then gives us time dilation equation. canada goose outlet online store However the things to note here is that it is switching between an unprimed frame of reference (with its t) to a primed frame (with its t’), such a switch is not happening in the set up of quantum mechanics, if keep things all set in the same frame with frame switching then the maths of that setup is allowing FTL to be treated in the Newtonian way. (If you were doing the frame switching between t and t’ in the way that SR wants then you would be dealing with a different type of FTL.) So in the unprimed frame with its velocity Pythagorean triangle its hypotenuse as c and vertical as v there is velocity in vertical of sqrt(c^2 v^2) in other words its being treated in same way as any other vector in Newtonian physics, and hence Newton’s equations of motion still applies. canada goose uk shop

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