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5 points submitted 20 days agoI was asking why Berks wasn a buy canada goose jacket cheap full service stop yet and was told Huntingdon has had greater recent canada goose uk black friday growth and canada goose outlet uk would cheap canada goose uk be the next stop to be full service, even canada goose before Berks.I think the canada goose factory sale A/B thing is nonsense, every morning at Berks when a B train rolls canada goose coats by, there a Canada Goose Coats On Sale reasonable number of people on the platform canada goose clearance sale that could get on that train. By the time an A train arrives and stops, the platform is canada goose outlet shop full of people who immediately overcrowd the train for the rest of the ride. Eliminating uk canada goose outlet A/B stops would canada goose black friday sale most likely lead to better load distribution across trainsunciaa 5 points submitted canada goose outlet jackets 20 Canada Goose sale days agoI basically in canada goose outlet canada goose clearance store this boat. I uk canada goose was in a professional medical program at an Penn for 1 year. I ended canada goose jacket outlet up losing motivation half way through the year, failing a class, taking time off and eventually I withdrawing from the program all together. Canada Goose Online It was a combination of realizing how intense the program canada goose outlet online uk was and deciding if I thought could be canada goose outlet parka happy doing anything else. The stress I felt in that program was not worth the depression and negative thoughts I was suffering. I mostly moved on and I am happy doing something else, FWIW!Using a taser, yanking on tales, or otherwise physically hurting the animal. Obviously, this is animal buy canada goose jacket cruelty.The amateur and children events canada goose store cheap Canada Goose Coats are also cruel. They are canada goose canada goose uk shop outlet toronto factory done on scared, canada goose outlet new york city defenseless animals.The entire concept of rodeos at all for the reasons you mentioned.So the question is whether rodeos are inherently cruel, even if done in the most canada goose outlet canada humane way. Or are they only cruel if canada goose outlet in usa done in a canada goose outlet bad way?The bulls are intimidated, aggressed, scared, and tortured!If that the canada goose outlet store uk case all the time, then rodeos are definitely cruel. But the argument against it is that bulls and horses used in rodeos canada goose outlet black friday are none of those things. They aren scared feral Canada Goose Outlet animals. They have been trained to behave in certain ways in certain conditions. The best trained rodeo animals don buck every goose outlet canada time a human jumps on their back. They only do it when they canada goose uk outlet are performing. So if a rodeo animal is calm when they are in the shoot cheap Canada Goose and someone is riding them, then bucks like crazy when they are performing, and then stops bucking once the timer runs out even if canada goose outlet uk sale the human is still riding them, canada goose outlet online it hard for me to think Canada Goose online they are https://www.topparka.ca very scared. It canada goose outlet reviews like how if an actor is perfectly calm, then starts screaming and crying on stage, and Canada Goose Parka then is perfectly calm after the performance, I think they were just acting, not actually in canada goose outlet sale distress.So how is this different from other animal cruelty spectacles? Bullfights are inherently cruel because the whole point is to slowly torture and kill the animal. Orca shows are cruel because even if the performance is ok, the animal living conditions the rest of the time are horrible. Circuses are generally (but not inherently) cruel because both the act canada goose factory outlet and the animals living conditions are bad. (But if a circus act was humane and the animal was treated well the rest of the time, I be ok with it.)So based on this idea, I think rodeo aren inherently cruel. If the animal is treated well outside of the performance, and the animal understand canada goose outlet nyc it official canada goose outlet a performance and has been trained properly, then it fine. If any of the other cruel practices are implemented, then it cruel. So if someone tortures an animal with a stun gun, it cruelty. If they force scared, defenseless animals who weren trained to perform, it cruelty. If they treat the canadian goose jacket animals poorly when they aren performing, it cruelty. But if the Canada Goose Jackets animal is canada goose black friday sale well trained, understands it an act, is not hurt during the act, is treated well outside of the act, and is retired to a pasture in old age, then I canada goose coats on sale think rodeos are fine.The point is that most rodeos are probably cruel, but they aren inherently cruel. I think if you took some moderate animal rights activists and ask them to make a rodeo, they would be able to do it in a way that maintains their standards.