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Dear investors,
I share the event organized by the La Moneda Institute, where I am
El See you on September 26 in Lima,
Seminar Investment Workshop on the Stock Market Values ​​
DATE: Saturday, September 26
PLACE: Institute THE CURRENCY, SCHEDULE: 3 ORGANIZE: Institute COST: (includes material of work, coffee break and certificate)
Public in General: S /. General Public: S /. REGISTRATIONS: Deposit in Account Number:
Banco Interbank
Savings Account Soles: 288 – 3046271777
CCI: 003 – 288 – 013046271777 – 83
ID: 10426429
In the name of Robert Sebastian Guadalupe * Communicate your payment to Global Bolsa:
Global Courses Bolsa: courses @ global-Telfs: 435-8498 / RPC 99 3316072

• Telephone: 435-8498
• Cellular: RPC 99 3316072
• Email: courses @ global- • Web Page: GLOBAL BOLSA
We will also have: SALE OF BOOKS OF SECURITIES BAGS AND SALE of our publications and large titles on the Stock Exchange, FOREX and other financial markets of authors
Decide and visit us to buy high quality replica handbags your books on Saturday, September 26 from 2 pm to 7 pm at the premises of Instituto La Moneda, that same day the seminar will be held On-site Investment Workshop in the Stock Market Among the books we will offer include the following titles:

Directed: < br> To the general public and to investors interested in investing correctly in the Stock Exchange of Lima and Nueva
To train the participants directing them to invest correctly in the Stock Exchange of Lima and New York, knowing in ¨ What to invest¨ (Fundamental Analysis) and ¨When doing it¨ (Technical Analysis); and suggesting what stocks and ETFs to consider for analyzing the various securities listed on Wall Street detecting investment opportunities to date in short, medium and long time horizons