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Multiple reports do NOT increase the likelihood of flagging a game for review

I really hope this isn true, for my own sanity sake. I rarely report people, but when I do it for really nasty abuses flaming canada goose uk shop the whole game, slurs, canada goose outlet nyc canada goose clearance literal inting (I mean actually running it down mid, not just having a bad game), griefing (playing Tahm/Anivia and intentionally screwing with your own teammates). canada goose outlet new york city I even go into a lot of detail in canada goose outlet online the report comments section, cheap canada goose uk explaining what the canada goose outlet black friday offender did to make me canada goose canada goose outlet report them.I been playing Canada Goose Parka since season 3, and reported canada goose outlet uk sale a total of maybe 100 200 people over thousands and thousands of games. I gotten Canada Goose online the “your report helped ban a player” canada goose clearance sale message maybe 5 times total. If the message canadian goose jacket is supposed to canada goose jacket outlet go to everyone that reported the guy, then that makes me feel like my reporting isn doing much, so why should I even bother?I the exact same. Been playing since season 2, only reporting when its genuine/obvious abuses and still I rarely see buy canada goose jacket cheap this message. In fact in the example I uk canada goose canada goose outlet sale just gave it had been so long since the last message that I forgot it was even a Canada Goose Outlet thing.But we also have to remember that action is usually canada goose outlet shop taken against people that do a series of repeated abuses over a short period of time. People aren disciplined for being an awful person for one or two games every few weeks. Yes, I canada goose outlet online uk realize the goose outlet canada 99.99% of the time, the system handles things automatically. but very rarely I sure a canada goose outlet reviews human looks at these reports, and by adding comments, that person will have some context for why my report exists in the first place.I also have a sneaking suspicion that the automated part of the system weighs reports with canada goose factory sale comments a Canada Goose Online little heavier (since the reported player must be really bad if you feel the need to take time to write comments, right?), but this is wild speculation and has no basis in canada goose store any evidence.The problem is that the communitys understanding of intentionally feeding is quite warped in my opinion, as you can play a bad game and feed, which then results in people saying that you are inting, canada goose outlet uk despite you not actually intentionally feeding.I seem the punishment window immediately pop canada goose outlet parka way too many canada goose outlet store times after a game where someone was surely reported by 4 or more players to just be a coincidence.Never saw it canada goose outlet store uk when it was just 1 or 2 reporting, even when the person was heavily cursing in chat.edit: I just say I no fucking doubt multiple canada goose uk outlet reports in the same game work in favor for an immediate punishment, I just an unhealthy amount of games played and examples of how this canada goose uk black friday works. There are some players who just are too lazy to report canada goose black friday sale at all or just dont do it for whatever canada goose factory outlet reason. Then, we all know these guys, the ones who dont report as long as they win. Very common. You have an canada goose outlet in usa inter/flamer whatever on your uk canada goose outlet team? They love him for letting them win, in fact they will join in flaming you even, or saying you lost because either you are bad or they are Canada Goose sale too good or some shit. These people are unfortunately a large percentage of the player canada goose outlet base, even if they arent themselves toxic, they just feel happy they won and just move on to canada goose outlet jackets the next canada goose outlet canada game… Maybe revealing how your system works too well makes people use it differently.For cheap Canada Goose example, it now known high cs makes your gain more LP/lose less. The game health may suffer because rather than working together to destroy the nexus, people stay in official canada goose outlet their lanes because it a better solution than anything else. Maybe it true that it has some canada goose coats on sale part to play in your lp gains, but riot has never disclosed that information to us.Because canada goose coats it changes how we use the system. It honestly fine to lie in this scenario about reports because you never tell the truth on how the system works. And by saying it only takes 1, you cut Canada Goose Jackets down the numbers of false reports all throughout the board, and can develop more systems to interpret multiple reports. Thus buy canada goose jacket if you are someone who canada goose black friday sale reports easily(so not only guys who wish death, use racial slurs etc.) getting more people to report someone could help as one of those reports might come from someone Canada Goose Coats On Sale who only reports megatoxic people and thus has good report to ban ratio.I dont know if canada goose outlet toronto factory reports having more/less value based on if they are abused is still a thing as riot doesnt really share much info about stuff like that.