It not like he a black hole on offense either even tho he

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I really hope they don break this team up. Chances canada goose outlet online uk are they won pay George. But man I feel like they have canada goose outlet uk a lot of potential. Adams may not be as great as Draymond Green is for GS but he plays a similar Canada Goose Parka role or Rodman for the Bulls. He canada goose black friday sale adds value (picks and boxing out) through Canada Goose Jackets stuff canada goose outlet online other than getting buy canada goose jacket buckets. It not like he a black hole on offense either even tho he canada goose outlet reviews isn a new age 3 point shooting big. You have to respect his roll to the Canada Goose Outlet basket and Russ is good at Canada Goose Online finding him.They never be able to build a team that can compete for a title when all of their cap would canada goose coats on sale go to Lillard, Mccollum, canada goose factory Canada Goose online outlet and AdamsEDIT: I stand by the fact a canada goose uk black friday core of Lillard McCollum Adams would never be a title contender, especially when they don have enough cap to sign good role players. I clearly not saying Adams is bad, he just not good enough for Portland because goose outlet canada of his contract. If he was on a reasonable contract he would be one of the most valuable players in the league for any teamI don think he a canada goose store better defender, Adams is better at switching in the pick and roll and is just more versatile.How is he a better finisher?Adams 5.9/9.3 from the field 63.2% FG%Drummond 6.0/11.3 from the field 53.1% FG%Worst post player probably true, I assuming this canada goose coats means post up, but Adams is better at scoring but Drummond passes better out of the canada goose outlet nyc post.Better rebounder at least marginally true, it close but canada goose uk shop they are the two best rebounders in the NBA (Drummond obviously rebounding at both ends, and Adams rebounding on offense and letting Russ, Melo, and PG grab d boards)Drummond is definitely a better passer, although he just started facilitating more this year.The official canada goose outlet other things are the intangible things and that where Adams dominates, screen assists, box outs, staying in canada goose outlet in usa motion on offense. Also, Drummond is quite good at switching onto perimeter players, not canada goose outlet jackets great by any chance, but neither is Adams, so Canada Goose sale they are somewhat of a wash there.All in all I think Drummond is the better player, but I think Adams is the more valuable one. He uk canada goose outlet a minor downgrade from canada goose outlet store a player like uk canada goose Drummond but he seems to not demand anything and just does whatever is needed of him. That to me is extremely canada goose uk outlet valuable in a league where everyone dreams of being THE MAN. In the end there only so many alphas you need on a canada goose black friday sale team. Adams is currently down to the molecular level the perfect non canada goose buy canada goose jacket cheap outlet black friday max center in the NBA.Any better canada goose clearance sale or egotistical and you have to be worried about allstar expectations/failing in the canada goose outlet uk sale media eyes, canada goose cheap canada goose uk outlet “big 3” bullshit, and tossing 30% of your cap for him. canada goose factory sale Any worse and canada goose outlet parka you wonder canadian goose jacket if you can improve from him.He big, he quiet canada goose outlet canada on the court, he a presence, and he takes canada goose outlet toronto factory all punishment. He bullies the trash he should and holds his own against the elite players. He doesn need any gimmicks or quirks. He plays cheap Canada Goose highly unselfish and is involved in 0 drama even though hes super canada goose outlet shop outspoken on twitter/media. Adams is in a ZEN state canada goose on and off the court.He makes a small number of plays on offense but many more at the elite level as the silent glue guy canada goose outlet new york city holding your entire front court together for a 7 10 year canada goose outlet sale career stretch.I not sold on Nurkic. He young and talented but he kind of a hothead, injured Canada Goose Coats On Sale often, and doesn have a solid track record like Adams. He kind of on canada goose jacket outlet the Valanciunas boat unless he proves canada goose outlet store canada goose clearance uk otherwise.I take Adams for 22m over Nurk for 16ish (he getting more than that) because I can plug Adams into my franchise and never worry about center for another decade.