it seems to specialize more towards engineering/math, though

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2 points submitted 2 months agoMy graduate school still offers a zoology major (even though the department is no longer called Zoology), and the coursework requirements were very similar to those of the biology major at my undergrad school.You really cheap Canada Goose shouldn worry about majoring in biology vs. zoology as an undergrad. The freshman/sophomore courses are going to be pretty much the same for any biology type major, and then as a junior/senior you will pick official canada goose outlet from amongst the upper level course options (what these are depend more on how many faculty are in the department and what their specialities are). So you can choose to canada Canada Goose sale goose outlet toronto factory canada goose uk outlet focus on the animal centric canada goose factory outlet upper level cheap canada goose uk courses.mothking 1 point submitted 2 months agoawesome, thank you! i guess im not too worried about getting undergrad in biology with concentrations in the areas i want, but im canada goose outlet jackets more canada goose outlet canada goose clearance in usa worried about not being able to find a grad school with the degree in masters i want. i Canada Goose Coats On Sale see you have a phd in ecology, canada goose store so maybe you can help me here (sorry to keep bugging you): what degrees are very similar to zoology that i should research more uk canada goose into? i prefer a field where i get to go out in the wild/the field, observe and/or be involved with wild animals canada goose black friday sale of all kinds. i understand if youre busy or something so canada goose coats on sale if im asking too much its ok 3 points canada goose submitted 2 months agoSince your interest is in wildlife and fieldwork, Canada Goose Online you should also canada goose outlet new york city consider EEB programs (Ecology, Evolution Behavior, or some combination of those terms), as well as Fisheries Wildlife or Wildlife Conservation programs. Again, different schools have different program names, so you might want uk canada goose outlet to search for canada goose Canada Goose Parka outlet online uk programs with some combination of Ecology/Wildlife/Conservation in the name.Large umbrella Biology or goose outlet canada Integrative Biology (the new name for Zoology at many schools) programs are also likely to have professors that do wildlife research. Most program websites will have a list canada goose outlet Canada Goose online shop of faculty and their canada goose outlet interests.PerfectPhD 2 points submitted 2 canada goose outlet canada months agoNo worries, I come from a canada goose coats very research focused canada goose jacket outlet canadagoosetomall STEM background so I might have gotten a bit ahead of myself. Which stage buy canada goose jacket cheap are you canada goose outlet buy canada goose jacket sale at, bachelors canada goose to mall at the moment or canada goose outlet online masters? Are canada goose uk shop you at canada goose clearance sale a liberal arts school that canada goose outlet reviews offers mostly classes, not much active research?By thesis I just meant something like an honors thesis, where you do a research project along side the classes in final year Canada Goose Jackets of bachelors. I even encountered a student who school didn offer this, and they worked with a professor to get a publication done in that final year, great networking but also a good way to canada goose outlet store uk solidify what they wanted to do next. Do you know what kind canada goose outlet store of career you looking to go into at the moment?mothking 1 point submitted 2 months agooh uhh. im a most likely worrying too much senior in highschool. i know canada goose outlet nyc which school im getting my bachelors in, but i dont really know if its a liberal arts or if it offers much active research. it seems to specialize more towards engineering/math, though. i honestly dont Canada Goose Outlet know, any way canada goose factory sale to find out about this? im gonna get my canada goose black canada goose uk black friday friday sale masters but not sure where yet, although i canada goose outlet black friday have a few ideas (i wont get any concrete ideas on where to go to graduate school because it will be four years until then so im keeping myself open to change). im not too picky which kind of career canada goose outlet parka exactly, just something where i can work with/observe/research wildlife in canada goose outlet uk the field, but canada goose outlet uk sale preferably something that canadian goose jacket lets me travel across the US or hopefully even the globe, although that plan is just my endgame. i have a lot of other things in mind to do/try until then to build experience etc. thanks for all your help.