Protesters need to be using the goose outlet canada resources

Hundreds join rally against racism in Denver after violence in Charlottesville

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Duplicate posts will be removed. I went through and hid everyone I don care about. Then canada goose store I liked/joined a Canada Goose online canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet store uk bunch of breweries and local organizations canada goose clearance sale I like. Now I get notification for local events from breweries or statuses from my more amusing FB “friends”. That said, it seems stupid to me Canada Goose Online to march spontaneously down a major road cheap canada goose uk without a permit or police escorts the day after a vehicular homicide.

I canada goose outlet buy canada goose jacket cheap reviews used to participate in Critical Mass canada goose black friday sale in San Diego in the late 2000 It was a really fun bike ride and some light canada goose coats on sale civic disobedience. After a cyclist was killed during Critical Mass, it started to official canada goose outlet change. The route uk canada goose would intentionally loop near the area where the cyclist was killed, blocking traffic to and from Canada Goose Coats On Sale the airport. Intersections would be blocked for long periods canada goose uk shop of time and people would climb traffic lights canada goose outlet canada goose coats uk sale and throw their canada goose clearance canada goose outlet online bikes at cars. canada goose outlet jackets The violence inflicted at the community was internalized and became a part of the canada goose outlet sale event. The cyclists were cheap Canada Goose antagonizing motorists and inching closer and closer to mob violence. It changed, qualitatively, from disobedience to conflict. They canada goose outlet toronto canada goose uk outlet factory were taunting people.

I see the potential for the peaceful protests against Trump to shift into an expression of the pent up resentment and frustration with our government, and a flashpoint for real violence. Doing something reckless like marching down Colfax canada goose without police escorts presents a target for further violence. It could be a spontaneous show of solidarity, or it Canada Goose Jackets could be taunting someone to do something, to escalate the violence and make things worse. We only blocked one side of Colfax and the canada goose factory sale police moved things along quick enough while barricading Canada Goose sale the side streets as we passed. The most eventful thing that happened (as far as I could tell I was towards the front) was that someone needed a medic at some point, but the march quickly proceeded after.

I think canada goose outlet in usa the energy, while upset/frustrated, wasn really prone to channeling violence, etc. We had several pastors/ministers at the very front leading the march. I don think this particular march crossed any lines. canada goose factory outlet I do think it was dangerous. We are now all canada goose outlet shop aware that some individuals will use lethal force to express their political views. Protesters need to be using the goose outlet canada resources at their disposal to protect canada goose buy canada goose jacket outlet canada themselves, they canada goose outlet nyc need police escorts, and the canada goose uk black friday city needs to know when and where they going to canada goose outlet new york city march to manage access points. It not about suppressing voices, it about protecting lives.

Where the hell have you been the past year? Trump supporters we beaten canada goose jacket outlet with bags of rocks outside a Trump uk canada goose outlet campaign rally last year. Groups that weren even nearing neo nazism we attacked and beaten in the streets with clubs canada goose outlet store and shovels in Berkeley because they wanted to hear from a conservative speaker. It been non stop for a year now. It absolutely obscene the coverage this rally got even before the psycho ran people canada goose outlet uk down with his car. 1 in 4 black Cheap Canada Goose Coats men have been to jail. Blacks and other minorities Canada Goose Parka canada goose outlet black friday are disproportionately represented in the prison population. The schools canada goose outlet parka have tried to combat it by bussing students in canada goose outlet online uk or out of the area they live to other schools, but soon after doing away with that it went back to canada goose black friday sale the way it was. Its not like the city hasn tried to change. There seems to be a hispanic/asian majority part of town, a black majority canadian goose jacket part of canada goose outlet town and an area that is white majority, its interesting to see.