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Critique my Vanguard brokerage portfolio

Welcome! This SubReddit is dedicated to sharing ideas, buy canada goose jacket cheap insights and feedback related to investment portfolios. Want more advice? Check out /r/bogleheadsUsers should feel free to post their own (draft or implemented) Canada Goose Outlet portfolios for review as well as resources related to portfolio construction. Try to include full names (not just tickers), percentages and expense ratios Canada Goose sale to help us better help you.Speaking uk canada goose of which, we have a FAQ in progress. Not canada goose coats sure where to start with your canada goose outlet new york city 401(k) options? Link us Canada Goose Online to uk canada goose outlet an image of the whole list. Want to organize cheap canada goose uk your portfolio for easy sharing? Put it into HelloMoney and include the link in your post.(1) Should I put split some canadian goose jacket percentage from large cap into mid cap and small cap ETF canada goose jacket outlet or is it just goose outlet canada fine as it is?(2) Will I face tax issues canada goose outlet with this portfolio as a dependent?Please point out obvious mistakes, or how you might improve this portfolio. Canada Goose Parka Thank you for Canada Goose online your help!Edit: added Cheap canada goose jackets location and a question.Edit 2.0 I have not bought any ETFs yet. I have made this thread to discuss ETF choices and any potential bumps that might appear because I am relatively new to ETFs.VTI 70% VEA 20% Bond 10%I look forward to canada goose outlet toronto factory hearing more canada goose outlet uk from you guys! :)Are you sure you want 6% of your money canada goose outlet parka in Apple? 4.5% in Google, 4.5% in Amazon? When you put 80% of your money in large/growth, official canada goose outlet that the result. What do you think of a Total Stock Market ETF like “VTI” instead? With VTI, you own 2.5% Apple, 2% Google, etc. It spreads your money across both value and growth companies, and across cheap Canada Goose more of canada goose uk outlet them (3600 stocks).I favor switching your allocation to VUG into canada goose coats on sale a broader market fund like VTI. Another potential advantage: if you mostly Canada Goose Jackets bought in 2018, VUG might have lost money and the IRS will share the pain with you. When you hold VUG over canada goose outlet store uk 30 days but it lost money, you can sell at a loss and apply the loss to your taxes (to other gains first, and some to income if it spills over). You canada goose outlet store can visit the “cost basis” page to see the current potential gain/loss.You need to look online for the situation with dependents and capital gains. I chose growth because canada goose outlet jackets I canada goose outlet shop figured it would be a better buy in canada goose outlet reviews the long run of 42 canada goose uk shop years even though the expense ratio is a little higher than some of the other ETFs.I found the cost basis canada goose store page and it was my first time looking at this page. Morgan brokerage has put quite a bit canada goose outlet nyc of money into ONGAX mutual fund. I plan to sell right away after seeing the expense ratio which is steep compared to vanguard options.I have a question. I am trying to find out how you got those percentages from the Large canada goose outlet uk sale growth cap and cannot find it. I found out the make up of the canada goose outlet in usa large cap though but not percentage. Thank canada goose outlet sale you for your time and response. I canada goose black friday sale am new to this and I have not yet bought the listed funds yet. I figured it would be better to theory craft with veterans and get their approval before submitting the canada goose factory sale order to buy ETFs. Morgan threw me into.Edit: Regarding emergency funds, I am living with my parents while I attend college. They will take Canada Goose Coats On Sale care of any bumps down the road for a little while longer while I try to finish college. Morgan brokerage has put quite a bit of canada goose outlet online uk money into ONGAX mutual fund. I plan to sell right canada goose uk black friday away after canada goose factory outlet canada goose clearance seeing buy canada goose jacket the expense canada goose outlet online ratio which is steep compared to vanguard options.JP Morgan is making investment decisions on your behalf? You need to transfer that canada goose canada goose black friday sale account to Vanguard. canada goose outlet canada Visit Vanguard website to see how that works.Be canada goose clearance sale aware that by investing while having no emergency fund, you put yourself at the mercy of the stock market. If you tired canada goose outlet black friday of living at home, and barely have enough to move out (rent + deposit + car). a stock market correction can force you to stay where you are.