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Production: (Extended) + NEXT season actor/filmmaker interviews that contain spoilers + unofficial NEXT season uk canada goose outlet canada goose factory outlet info/images/video not released by HBOInfinite: Modposted canada goose outlet store Leak Quarantine Threads allowing for discussion of all official canada goose outlet rumors, spoilers, leaks, etc out there on the web. (No Linking. No Piracy. No “PM Me.”)After the first minute or so, I couldn help but say canada goose uk shop aloud “This is different then cheap canada goose uk any other episode canada goose black friday sale they done.” There was barely any dialogue, the music was beautiful but built up an unexplained tension. In my opinion, it Canada Goose online canada goose outlet sale was the most artistic canada goose outlet jackets the show has ever been. And then canada goose outlet online everything that followed for over an hour canada goose outlet new york city was perfect.I canada goose canada goose uk black friday outlet canada loved the fact that there was a Frey canada goose pie and was hoping Manderly would pop up out of the darkness, but then I started losing my shit when it was Arya.And then WyGuy finally remembers the north at Winterfell after a different young girl reminds canada goose coats him.Well done, everyone involved. My only complaint is airing the episodes on Sunday nights because the hype was so strong canada goose outlet parka and I have to work Mondays. He has loved his sister so much, through so much, the one thing he valued above himself was his love for her. But even he cannot let the burning of the Sept of Baelor and mass murder by incineration of so many innocent people be goose outlet canada forgiven by her. And the worst part is, if he canada goose outlet online uk and Cersei fight, she will force him to stay in King Landing or else he get Mountain He is going to essentially become to Cersei what Edmure became to the Freys and Lannisters.That, or he quickly just nope canada goose outlet shop the fuck out of KL and ride North and mayhaps plead to aid a certain newly crowned King in the North (which would see him more than likely murdered given the company he be riding to meet). His other option is Daenerys, the daughter of the King he killed, now sailing to conquer and destroy those who oppose her with canada goose coats on sale the help of her 3 huge canada goose uk outlet dragons, canada goose outlet in usa the Ironborn siblings, the Martell remnant, the Tyrell remnant, the Redwynes, every Khalasar of the Dothraki, the Unsullied elite warriors, a master spy, and Jaime own brother, who murdered their father. Jaime only friend is his Canada Goose Jackets lover, and she committed the one thing he could never let her get away with. What the fuck is he gonna do?I think the thing that most impressed me about the finale is that now we have a canada goose outlet store Canada Goose Coats On Sale uk vision of how this story can actually wrap up in 13 14 more episodes or whatever. I couldn wrap my head around it before but canada goose outlet black friday now with Dany massive alliance and Cersei barbecue buy canada goose jacket it cleaned things up canada goose outlet toronto factory a bit. I imagine the first buy canada goose jacket cheap half will be Dany Canada Goose Parka vs. Euron and Cersei with Jon vs. Littlefinger and maybe Cersei as well. Latter half will be Jon/Dany cheap Canada Goose vs. the Others. There not really any other loose threads out there. The way the other northern lords looked aside in shame as she was speaking was just great. Plus her little nod to Jon when she was done speaking. I could go on and on.The first 15 minutes of the episode was phenomenal. Miguel Sipochnik can shoot canada goose black friday sale amazing battle sequences, but he knows how to direct drama Canada Goose Outlet extremely well.I will now only tolerate Dorne plotlines if Lady Olenna is present.Tommen noped the hell out of there and I certainly don blame him. Another very well canada goose outlet acted/directed scene.Arya goes Eric Cartman. I still don forgive her canada goose outlet reviews very Canada Goose sale poorly written previous uk canada goose plot line, but it was very cathartic to see her kill Walder Frey.Davos stole the show and broke my heart Canada Goose Online all canada goose jacket outlet over again. You could truly feel his pain in his scene. This may be one of canada goose clearance sale the best acted moments in the canada goose outlet nyc show. The way he broke down was just heartbreaking.Phenomenal episode. Also I got the feeling that nobody is canada goose store thinking of getting the iron thrones in Westeros anymore, Cersei felt hollow, Olena and Ellaria canadian goose jacket canada goose outlet uk now only want revenge, canada goose outlet vancouver Jon and Sansa have gotten more than they dared hoped. Except Littlefinger who still dreams of sitting on the iron throne.Overall superb episode, but I found it lacking in one thing. The mention of white walkers, I canada goose outlet uk sale there is only a season and a half worth of story left, at least now they should talking about ice monsters and canada goose factory sale a zombie army about to invade.The buildup to the trial was superb. Is it just me or did the music really stand out? I don ever recall noticing the score so much in any previous episodes.