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What is the worst or most overrated restaurant

I went there a few cheap canada goose uk times, ages ago.But the last canada goose jacket outlet time, and canada goose the last straw; had a group booking for 12 at 5:00pm. Everyone canadian goose jacket had to be elsewhere for canada goose outlet a meeting at 7pm. They said it canada goose outlet black friday be no trouble getting canada goose factory sale people through. Everyone had orders in buy canada goose jacket cheap 5:15pm. Restaurant was mostly empty6:00pm, no uk canada goose outlet food. “Oh, the server was new, and only put in your appies. We get it rushed now.”6:10pm, a handful of people who ordered appies get their appies, goose outlet canada almost a Canada Goose Outlet full hour later.6:30pm, official canada goose outlet no food. “Oh, our kitchen is busy.” The canada goose factory outlet restaurant is canada goose clearance half full.6:45pm, our orders are finally coming out and people are just getting to go boxes right away. The manager refuses to comp drinks or anything. “Sometimes mistakes happen.”Yeah, sometimes they do. canada goose store Sometimes longer depending cheap Canada Goose on the bacteria involved. canada goose coats You will assign blame to the last meal you had though. Or canada goose outlet canada what your vomit tastes like. But canada goose outlet uk if a restaurant actually poisons you, you will not be alone. A canada goose coats on sale whole batch of something will be off and many will get sick. Always contact the restaurant and Viha. But, from experience, it’s usually not a case of food poisoning. Poor hand washing, food that is richer than you are used to or some other ‘bug’ canada goose outlet toronto factory is much more common than food poisoning.Source, chef for 26 years, owner for 16 years. After a bad experience with a rude cashier, I canada goose black friday sale didn go back for over a year. I tried the canada goose outlet new york city butter chicken, and my god canada goose outlet store it was SO good. Better than their bowls have been in a long time. I went back the week after, and they were changing their menu again so almost everything was sold out. Some restaurants can pull canada goose outlet online uk off seasonal menus, but noodlebox is not one of them. When half your stuff is mediocre, why get rid of actually good dishes in the name of seasonal selections?East Garden used to be the best Chinese take out/delivery in town, but somewhere canada Canada Goose sale goose outlet online around 2013 2014 they changed a bunch of their canada goose outlet store uk recipes and it hasn been worthwhile ever since. The chow mein noodles are wide and canada goose outlet reviews chewy when they used to be flat and melt canada goose outlet nyc in your mouth. The vermicelli is either rubbery or overcooked to the point where it crispy. The sweet chicken balls canada goose outlet in usa have puffier, canada goose outlet uk sale less appetizing batter. The ginger Canada Goose online beef started getting really dry and tough to chew, just literally everything on their Canada Goose Coats On Sale menu got worse.I even gave them another try a few months ago just to see if they had re instated their original recipes due to customer backlash or anything like that, but it still garbage. :(Will put in a nomination for Fan Tan Cafe. Went Canada Goose Jackets there in February canada goose https://www.topparka.ca uk black friday at 3 in the afternoon with a friend for the Wor Won Ton. we waited nearly 45 minutes after ordering before asking the waitress where the food was. The restaurant was maybe a third full at the time. She said it wouldn be long, and it turned out to come out maybe 30 minutes later. 75 minutes for a bowl of soup. No apologies canada goose uk shop or explanations were given, we tried to be nice about it, and left without much demand. A bad day at the office shouldn be the end of the restaurant.I was craving a Wor wonton last week after a long day at work. I showed up, canada goose clearance sale and the restaurant was maybe 80% full. I was tended to right away, but again, the food didn come. After about canada goose outlet parka an hour, the waitress acknowledged the printer didn print the order and it wouldn be long. I again tried to be nice about it, but became increasingly agitated deep down as I saw people who came half hour buy canada goose jacket after me, got their food, had a good conversation and paid their bill before I got my canada goose black friday sale food. The food again came around 75 minutes. No attempts canada goose outlet jackets made to apologize or Canada Goose Parka provide restitution. I left providing only a 5% tip and felt cheated of my time and dignity. I had a multitude Canada Goose sale of choices canada goose outlet shop that evening, and took the time to spend my money there, only to be treated poorly on consecutive visits.I will never eat at this cafe again. The food is decent but the service is Canada Goose Online appalling and I had back to back disappointing experiences. I thought you only tip if you were given good service. Side story, at jam cafe me and my friend ordered some breakfast and waited maybe just 20 minutes tops which didnt feel long at all. We thought canada goose uk outlet canada goose outlet sale it was normal especially considering how busy it was. But we were given half price off our breakfast in apologies for the wait they said. uk canada goose Felt like we won the food lottery that day. We still tipped generously of course. Going out for breakfast with a nice meal to start the day off is the best thing ever.