The guard break counter window is 600 millisecond but that

Kenseis side dodge is just cheap Canada Goose ridiculous

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Anyone else you are guaranteed to receive canada goose outlet new york city a dodge attack to the face once they even see you hit OF stance.

So canada goose store instead practice baiting out a dodge attack canada goose uk outlet canada goose jacket outlet into crushing counter.

It is very effective especially on dodge attack happy Kensei like you have faced here.

If they are doing it when they see you hit OF stance. That good, punish them for it.

The average human reflex is 260 millisecond. The guard break counter window is 600 millisecond but that includes the guard actually landing, which is canada goose outlet toronto factory roughly buy canada goose jacket half that time. If it lands and the canada goose outlet sale kensei has not yet attacked then it doesn matter if he does. canadian goose jacket He already guard broken. So we really canada goose outlet jackets looking at the GB start window only.

Roughly 300 milisecond where the kensei could input a panic goose outlet canada heavy attack if he spots the GB indicator flashing. After that, the GB lands and it curtains for the kensei. The average player would have to fit canada goose outlet black friday their canada goose coats on sale attack in a canada goose outlet shop 40 milisecond of extra fluff to pull off what you suggesting.

Factor in Canada Goose online input delay along canada goose outlet online uk with latency and that window goes into the negatives. It probably goes below 100 uk canada goose milliseconds on console even.

Here my conclusion: Yes kensei can prolong the dodge. But that doesn change that it a dodge. He can counter canada goose outlet store GB if he caught midway. So you heavy + feint and then watch. canada goose black friday sale If you don see a heavy attack official canada goose outlet being sent, then throw out a GB and it impossible for them to wiggle out. If they inturrupt canada goose coats your GB it not that they canada goose outlet canada had amazing reflexes. It that they fell for your feint and que canada goose black friday sale an attack.

If you see a Kensei canada goose outlet reviews cheap canada goose jackets with stamina as HL, canada Canada Goose Online goose outlet uk feint an OS heavy, they feint extremely fast. The unblockable sound is enough to make most Kensei (especially random MM Kensei players) dodge attack without even considering the possibility that you going to feint to parry or Crushing Counter them.