The main story of DB started out in Timeline 1

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Cell came one year before Trunks came to give Goku the heart medicine. Trunks came back 3 years later, so it was 4 years before that, but only one year before his first trip.

The canada canada goose uk outlet goose outlet uk sale Cell era time travel is a lot more canada goose outlet uk fucked than Canada Goose Online the Black era time travel. There hasn been any buy canada goose jacket cheap official explanation that makes canada goose outlet sense, but IMO the most logical fan theory goes canada goose outlet canada like canada goose jacket outlet this:

Cell canada goose outlet black friday Timeline original timeline. Trunks 1 travels to some unseen timeline to give Goku the Canada Goose online heart medicine, gets blueprints for the androids, canada goose outlet store comes back, presumably canada goose outlet jackets returns again to help with the androids (probably just disabling them), and then is killed by Cell (about whom he knows nothing, because Cell has not yet traveled to the past) canada goose factory outlet before he can make a 3rd visit.

Unseen Timeline this is where Trunks 1 visited before he was canadagooseoutlete killed. past the point where Super canada goose clearance ends). This timeline (Timeline 2) diverges from Timeline 1 as buy canada goose jacket a direct result of Trunks changing history.

Black Timeline where the story mostly takes place after the canada goose outlet sale divergence, up until the Zamasu events in Super. Cell 1 goes back further in the canada goose outlet store uk past than Trunks did, canada goose black friday sale but Trunks visit to canada goose outlet parka give Goku canada goose outlet online the heart medicine was already baked canada goose clearance sale into the cake. canada goose uk black friday Therefore the main timeline (Timeline 3) diverges from the unseen timeline (Timeline 2) and Trunks 4 splits from Trunks 1 because Trunks experiences cannot be the same Canada Goose Outlet in canada goose store a world that has been altered by Cell.

Trunks Timeline Trunks 4 returns to canadian goose jacket his timeline armed canada goose outlet reviews with knowledge about Cell (rather than simply the knowledge of how to shut down the androids), and this happens before he was killed by Cell, so his timeline (Timeline 4) canada goose factory sale diverges from Timeline 1.

Main Timeline This timeline (Timeline 5) diverges from Timeline 3 when Trunks, having encountered Black in Timeline 4, goes to Black past in Timeline goose outlet canada 3, which leads to the death of Zamasu at Beerus hands. The story continues in the new timeline.

These are Canada Goose Coats On Sale the canada goose timelines in the canada goose outlet shop order that they were created. The main story of DB started out in Timeline 1, then shifted to Timeline 3, and is now Timeline 5.

Trunks 1 killed by Cell

Trunks 2 unknown; might not exist

Trunks 3 kid Canada Goose Jackets Sale canada goose uk shop Trunks, but lives in a world where Goku body was stolen; fate unknown after that

Trunks 4 Future Trunks as official canada goose outlet we know him

Trunks 5 kid Trunks as we know him

Zamasu says in this episode, cheap Canada Goose that in Trunks timeline, he obliterates all of the Supreme Kais of every universe (the implication being that he also kills Shin and therefore Beerus). Does Canada Goose sale this mean that timeline tampering in one universe creates ENTIRE seperate multiverses for every single timeline?

Yes. Each timeline is a whole reality and contains all 12 universes. Beerus is dead canada goose outlet toronto factory in Trunks timeline, though; he died uk canada goose when Shin died. That why Black found Trunks timeline an attractive place to begin his plan and build his strength.

Edit: Went to sleep, woke up, and caught a typo I had referred to Trunks 4 as Trunks canada goose black friday sale 2.

Beerus actions are a byproduct of canada goose coats on sale Trunks actions, no matter how you slice it. Even if you assume that everything was the same up until the point where Beerus killed Zamasu, something had to have caused him to canada goose coats act canada goose outlet nyc differently than he did canada goose outlet online uk in the original timeline (Black timeline), but it clear that everything was not the same up until that point: Gowasu death scene was different in Black flashback. In Black memories, Gowasu was stabbed in the torso when he was Zamasu. There is no green tea or daifuku on his table. In the timeline where Zamasu was killed, it was a chop to the back of the neck. Gowasu falls forward and spills Canada Goose Parka his tea.

By definition, these two events cannot have happened in the same timeline. They are different events.

Beerus destroys Zamasu in the present timeline, but because Black is wearing the time ring, cheap canada goose uk he is protected from the effects of the hakai.

This is the most infuriating fan misconception canada goose outlet new york city of all time. Why won it go away? Black never said that, and it wouldn even make sense if he did. Black wasn killed because Beerus was canada goose outlet in usa talking out of his ass; Whis mockery made that clear; Trunks explanation to kid Trunks made that clear. Black wasn killed because history was changed and a new timeline Canada Goose Jackets was created; that how time travel has always worked in DB.

The fact uk canada goose outlet that he used the Time Ring to go to another timeline is an important detail. Whether he wearing it at any given time is completely irrelevant.