Then I noted any canada goose outlet nyc frequent

Researching blog posts before hitting publish

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Posts with external links must include a summary or key points of the article in the body of your canada goose outlet canadian goose jacket black friday post

Posting any kind of affiliate links is strictly not official canada goose outlet allowed. I keep a running word document of materials with their URLs canada goose factory outlet and summaries. Then I spider out from there until I feel I done canada goose clearance the subject justice.

For example, I recently wrote canada goose coats on sale a piece about the decline of protein quality canada goose clearance sale in harvest crops around the world. I started with a few google searches that turned up a few articles in reputable general and science news sources. I digested those, made canada canada goose uk black friday goose outlet reviews some notes, and uk canada goose outlet especially took note buy canada goose jacket cheap of any time they linked to another article, document, or mentioned a researcher. Then I digested and made notes on those linked documents noting any documents they link to or mention. If any events canada goose outlet toronto factory were noted, I followed up on those. Then I used google scholar to look up canada goose outlet parka the body of work of the Canada Goose sale scientists who where mentioned and incorporated their various published articles into my notes. Then I noted any canada goose outlet nyc frequent collaborators of those scientists and digested their work. I topped the whole thing off with a general google scholar search to catch canada goose outlet any loose ends or recent publications and google news for recent developments I may have missed in my general searching.

The result was a 10 page long document with titles, canada goose store cheap canada goose uk links, and uk canada goose summaries that was then used to write my post. I start by just Googling a topic I researching. Let say I writing an article on the history of a certain font (which I am doing). I start by searching for “history of [font name]” and see what comes up. I looking for canada goose outlet new york city useful information, but also to see what others have already written about so I can try and Canada Goose Jackets include more information or come at the topic in a different way.

Any time I find a link that looks useful, I paste it into a Word/Google doc list. This is my list of sources I include at the end of the article to give credit to others and also back up any claims or opinions. Then I start goose outlet canada writing broad notes key names, dates, events, etc that Canada Goose Online canada goose jacket outlet cheap Canada Goose are relevant. All the time I looking to cross reference these facts to check Canada Goose Outlet they accurate.

I might write these on a notepad by hand then use these notes as a guide, filling in the details and connecting them later when I come to actually canada goose outlet in usa write canada goose outlet jackets an article.

Sometimes it worthwhile taking a trip to a library and doing some real reading on a subject. A lot more research and fact checking goes into books, so you can be 99.99 sure canada goose factory sale that what you reading is canada goose outlet online uk provable fact, and it might not have been referenced publically Canada Goose online online before.

I also try and cram in as much relevant information as possible. If a key name is mentioned, canada goose uk outlet what else did they do that might be interesting canada goose uk shop or useful to the reader? If money is mentioned, what does that equate canada goose outlet store uk to in today economy? If a product failed, why did it fail? Can you find negative reviews online? Can you turn these into stats and then into an infographic you can include (and share)?

For example, the past few posts I have been able to publish from the knowledge buy canada goose jacket I have built up in the niche over the last few month. My next post will need a bit of research but I cant canada goose black friday sale see it taking too long as a fair bit of it links in to other sub niches canada canada goose coats goose outlet online I have covered.

My preferred research method is YouTube. In my opinion, if a picture paints 1000 words then a video paints a million. canada goose Watch canada goose store a few videos and you can pick stuff up canada goose outlet sale that are probably not covered in other blog posts that the video passively canada goose outlet shop shows you.