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Night Kaleidoscope

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This project works with the wonders of a two way mirror. Interestingly, it’s 2018 canada goose sale also goose outlet canada referred to canada goose coats on sale as a canada goose outlet store one canada goose outlet store uk way mirror. These are sheets of acrylic canada goose outlet shop with a very thin layer of aluminum in the middle that allows some light through and some to reflect. Traditionally, you canada goose uk black friday light one official canada goose outlet side really bright and canada goose store canada goose factory outlet one really dark, and uk canada goose outlet those in the bright room see a regular old mirror. Then you can film a detective TV uk canada goose series.

But instead we’re going to make a kaleidoscope. Because they’re awesome.

What: Concepts: light, reflection, geometry, basic Canada Goose sale electronics Cost: $3 $10, depending on box size Time: 30 minutes Materials: Two way mirrored acrylic (I got mine at 1/8″ from TAP Plastics’ scrap bin) Super glue LEDs + disc batteries Black electrical tape Acrylic glue (optional) Small magnets (optional) Tools: Ruler + Pencil Bandsaw or Jigsaw Clamps and block of Canada Goose online canada goose outlet wood for jig (optional)Let’s kaleid!Step 1: Cut the Pieces for a Mirror Box

The Mirror Box. It sounds like an long lost ancient relic, no? Time canada goose outlet sale to make canada goose outlet uk sale some history.

Choose canada goose outlet uk your own dimensions and play with it. Of course keep in mind that if you want to make a standard cubical buy canada goose jacket box that not all sides will be the same size because you’re gluing them end to face and they have thickness. Smaller boxes will make more reflections and are super fun. Other shapes like pyramids or dodecahedrons will make other oustanding reflections.

Mine include four canada goose outlet online uk panels of 4″x4″ and two panels of 3.75″x4″ with the material thickness of.125″. I would go way smaller than this if working buy canada goose jacket cheap with a group. 2″ x 2″ boxes or canadian goose jacket 2″ tall pyramids make pretty wonderful reflections. I made jigs using two clamps and a piece canada goose of wood, and ran the acrylic through a bandsaw.

Remove the coatings on canada goose factory sale both sides of canada goose clearance your mirror, and glue together your box. With a line of glue along the edges, you only cheap canada goose uk have to hold pieces there for about 15 seconds before cheap Canada Goose they can support their own weight.

For the canada goose clearance sale final sixth panel, it’s nice if it can open and close you so can put in canada goose outlet new york city and take out lights. There are many solutions to this, but tape isn’t one of them (it strips the mirror, see last photo). I decided to glue a set of eight very small neodymium magnets, 4 on one of the sixth panel, and the other 4 along the top of the canada goose outlet black friday box.

You can make LED throwies by simply taking LEDS (super bright ones are great) and taping the legs to either side of canada goose uk shop a disc battery. Black tape is great so canada goose outlet in usa that it doesn’t reflect much.

You can pack multiple lights canada goose uk outlet together, hang them from strings, canada goose outlet canada put in blinkies, electronic wire, the works. You can even drill out part if you want to make a lamp with an external power source. There is no end to self contained light canada goose outlet jackets magic.

Test them out canada goose outlet nyc in the box to see how they look, and observe the reflections. It’s fascinating!Step 4: Kaleidoscope the Night Away

Find a dark canada goose coats room to light up. Lights in, box top on, and you’re ready to rock!

Move and rotate your canada Canada Goose Parka goose jacket outlet kaleidoscope with your hands or let it rest to canada goose outlet toronto factory look in to its infinite reflections. A neat thing to notice is the pattern made on any surface it rests on, as a little light escapes with each reflection inside, making bands around the box. You can use this tool to learn about reflection and why images appear in the locations they do.

A canada goose outlet online couple of primer questions include:

If you put Canada Goose Outlet one LED in the box, in which of the six panels do canada goose Canada Goose Online outlet reviews you see canada goose black friday sale canada goose black friday sale a reflection?If you put a scrap of two way mirror in the box, how does this change the image?Why are some reflections smaller Canada Goose Jackets than others?Which reflections are the lightest? Which are the darkest?Are all the reflections the same image? Or are they different?What makes the light patterns salecanadagooseoutlets on the table outside the box.