Trim away material from the access hole for the interior light

We do things how we want to. Butjustsoyouknow ihavemykingmayyoufindyours queen However i must say this felt pretty good. Lol.. They used to be my favorites, but the modern ones are a lot baggier and the collars turn to shit after the first wash.Reigning Champ tees are awesome but they kind of the opposite of Velva Sheen in terms of style due to the gleaming whiteness, interesting stitching, black contrast thread for the collar tag, and the small branding on the side seam. I would totally wear one with bright green Flyknits but they feel really awkward with boat shoes.The Uniqlo Supima strikes a very good balance in terms of style. It also helps that they pretty cheap, but even at double the price I still consider them a good buy for my needs..

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