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How long after NC does it take to get out of the FOG

This is a support group/safe space canada goose outlet uk for people raised by someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. (It could be a parent or stepparent or whoever was your primary caregiver. )Since this is a support sub for survivors of BPD abuse, people with Canada Goose sale BPD are forbidden from participating here, with absolutely no exceptions.Yes, this includes people with canada goose coats Cheap Canada Goose Outlet on sale BPD canada goose outlet new york city who have BPD parents.Yes, this includes cheap Canada Goose any previous or current diagnosis, canada goose outlet reviews even if you went through DBT and canada goose outlet in usa do not currently meet DSM criteria.If you have BPD, you may not participate here in any way, shape or form. But there canada goose outlet nyc are other subreddits for you (/r/BPD, /r/BPDSOFFA, /r/bpdlovingsupport, and /r/BPD4BPD).If you are dealing with buy canada goose jacket cheap a BPD canada goose outlet black friday co parent/sibling/friend/partner/spouse/loved one, the sub you looking for is /r/BPDlovedones!If you have BPD canada goose outlet uk sale you will be banned again, absolutely no exceptions. Arguing will earn you a ban, whether you have canada goose black friday sale BPD or not.We will not JADE: Any discussions, requests for further information or protests of this rule will result in an immediate BAN.As with all our rules, this rule is absolutely non negotiable.We are not mental health canadian goose jacket professionals, and as such we are not qualified to diagnose anyone. canada goose uk black friday Not you, your loved one, your significant other, your child, sibling, friend, boss, pet, canada goose jacket outlet etc. No canada goose black friday sale wondering if you have BPDThis isn the community for canada goose factory outlet those speculating canada goose outlet canada or wondering canada goose outlet parka if you have BPD vs. the results buy canada goose jacket of their parent/trauma or “fleas.” While this is an understandable concern for someone raised by someone with canada goose coats BPD, we have our rule one.This isn the community for this discussion or for those who canada goose outlet sale are curious and uncertain.Please see other subreddits on the topic of canada goose outlet online psychology, psychiatry or your own personal therapist. Posting on this topic may result in a warning or ban.We canada goose outlet online uk Canada Goose Parka understand that you may participate in canada goose clearance sale multiple subs. But don canada goose store post the same thing here and elsewhere. RBB Canada Goose online doesn allow x posting. We don want to attract non RBB users to our sub. No references canada goose outlet toronto factory to /r/BPD or any related subforumsYour post/comment will canada goose outlet be goose outlet canada removed with a warning.Respect official canada goose outlet their Canada Goose Jackets space as much as our sub deserves to be respected. Further violations of this canada goose outlet store rule will result in a ban. No links to other subredditsDon link to posts/comments that are on other subreddits, even if it your content.Our members offer advice Canada Goose Coats On Sale and feedback based on their own experiences. We canada goose outlet jackets uk canada goose do our best to moderate and enforce the rules of this sub for everyone protection.Please remember canada goose outlet store uk cheap canada goose uk that no one here is qualified to diagnose, provide legal counsel, medical advice, or other professional counseling, regardless of their credentials in real life.Any advice is an internet stranger opinion uk canada goose outlet and nothing more. If you need scrubsuniforms professional canada goose outlet shop support or advice, we strongly encourage you to pursue that.Members who claim expertise based on their professional training or academic study will be warned canada goose factory sale and may be banned. We have no way of verifying canada goose clearance your canada goose uk outlet claim. And if you are sufficiently trained, you canada goose know it is Canada Goose Outlet unethical to provide professional advice without knowing ALL of the details. No requests or offers for PMsFor the safety of both parties, this sub does not allow solicitations canada goose uk shop or offers Canada Goose Online for PMs/DMs, private chat rooms etc. Failure to respect this rule may result in a ban.