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moncler coats for kids 4 points submitted 22 days agoSo I sort of did this to my friend. She was engaged first, her and her fiance asked us to be in the wedding (we are all very close), and then we uk moncler outlet got engaged a few months moncler womens jackets later. Due to a whole bunch of factors, we picked a date 2 weeks before theirs. I did ask her first, and we are very close friends, so the situations are a little different, but I did feel sort of weird about it.Ultimately, it wasn a big deal. It was probably a little harder on her b/c she was busy for a full weekend right before her wedding (so she had to plan accordingly). But it was fine. We actually had fun doing moncler outlet prices some of the wedding planning together b/c moncler sale outlet we were always in the same stage of planning, so we could talk about invites, food tastings, etc, around the same time. That being said, I would not have blamed her for being a little annoyed about it. I knew it was not the most gracious thing in the world to do. But picking a date is freaking hard, sometimes you gotta go with a www.beautylyrics.com date that works.The live event painter is probably the “most extra”Food truck moncler outlet woodbury for a midnight snack. There no lack of food cheap moncler jackets womens in a NYC wedding (cocktail hours with tons of displays, stations, and passed hors d multiple course sit down dinners, cake and some extra desserts like cookies on the tables). So we having the usual “standard cheap moncler coats mens food,” then bringing in chicken fingers, fries, nachos, mozzarella sticks, deep fried oreos, funnel cake, and lemonade at the end of the night because junk food is life.Rollable flats for “dancing shoes”We created retroviewers with our travel photos on them to display around the cardbox because we felt weird just having this box (a stack of suitcases with vintage travel stickers from the places we been) with the sole purpose of it being a place for people to “insert their monetary gift.”Got a lifesize cutout of us and our dog for people to take photos with at the photobooth best moncler jackets (is a photobooth extra?).We went a little extra with paper moncler online store products. We DIYed program fans that have been taking us way too many hours of labor but are turning out pretty awesome with the usual names, order of ceremony, and thank you to guests, plus some fun facts about us and where discount moncler jackets our guests are from, and a thank you note to the veterans who will be there and a note about our nephew who is missing our wedding because he on active duty (it also Memorial Day so it seemed fitting). We also made menus for each placesetting with a bottom border that is a cutout of our venue view. They turned out pretty amazing because the Cricut is awesome!We having a lighting company come in to add twinkle lights over the dance floor to look like starsFH doesn know this, but our DJ is going to moncler sale online surprise moncler usa him https://www.beautylyrics.com with confetti canons during the first real dance song of the night and there going to be indoor fireworks during our entrance and when we walk in.We decided we wanted our placecards attached to mini lanterns for ambiance. The back of moncler uk outlet the placecards have links/QR cheap moncler jackets codes taking guests to a video of us personally thanking each of them.There is going to be a bunch of those cheeky signs around that say things like “Alcohol, Because No Great Story Ever Started with Someone Eating a Salad,” “Trust Me, You Can Dance Alcohol,” and “A Party Without Cake is Just a Meeting”We having a glass ceremony and are really excited to get our vase and ornaments after the wedding. 18 points submitted 1 month agoYea, I had this happen. My MIL bought us the bathroom towels we registered, very nice of her. She then asked me if I wanted them monogrammed, again very nice. I said no thank you, we have no need or desire for monogrammed towels. Then, two of her friends give us our towels again, but these are monogrammed. So now we have a gagilillion towels, half of which are monogrammed. I mean, thank you, this is a nice gift, but we don have space for all these towels! 12 points moncler sale submitted 1 month agoMy FH doesn want to wear a ring either. He just says he moncler outlet store never wore one before and feels weird wearing one. We made a compromise that we will buy him a cheap one for the ceremony and he will wear it for one month. If he doesn want to wear it after that anymore then we will put it away. If he ends up wanting one, we can look at getting him an upgrade. It makes me sad too But I realized he doesn love me any less because he doesn wear a ring. 14 points submitted 1 month agoTo give you a different perspective, because most of the replies are from women who are keeping their names. I changing mine, in the process now. I am sort of bummed about it. I am very close with my family, and I am new in my career, but all of my professional contacts have been made in my maiden name. But, I thinking long term.For the next year or so, there might be an awkward transition to the new moncler outlet online name (all the effort associated with changing the name, forwarding emails, listing myself as Firstname Maidenname Lastname, etc), but 10, 20 years from now? I have cheap moncler jackets mens wished I had done it. With any luck, moncler outlet I be Mrs. Newname for a lot longer than I was Ms. Maidenname. So that why, even though I hesitant, I moving forward with it. I going to keep my maiden name as my uk moncler sale middle name, and I list all three names for the next couple of years til people get used to it, but I sure I eventually transition to using the new last name.I relate to this most. I am in my late 20 and I waited over a year before changing my last name. I hemmed and hawed about it for so long before and after the wedding; my husband took my non action as the decision, but I was internally struggling all the while. I finally just did it, changed the big stuff so I couldn go back. My middle name is now my birth surname. I really regretted it for a little bit. I still kind of do. I not sure why I changed it. But here moncler outlet sale I am. I still answer my phone with my name, and my work account/email didn change (though I did change my email signature and business card). It doesn feel like cheap moncler sale my identity at all and I not making a huge effort to turn it into that. My reservations were well founded, I changed my name anyway, and I feel a little stuck in the middle, still moncler coats for kids.