Yesterday he became combative because of alcohol withdrawal

What’s the most disturbing realisation you’ve come to

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. My dad is a depressed alcoholic who pushed Canada Goose sale himself too hard, and my canada goose coats mom is a 55 uk canada goose outlet year old lung cancer survivor canada goose store who had to go on oxygen full time a couple years ago. My dad is the sole source of income with the exception that I pay a small amount in rent. People ask why I haven moved out yet, and I usually say its because I don know what I want in life, but really it because Canada Goose Coats On Sale I waiting canada goose factory outlet for it to fall apart. If canada goose outlet online my dad dies first, my mom has no one to support canada goose clearance her. If my mom dies first, Canada Goose Jackets I pretty convinced cheap canada goose uk my official canada goose outlet dad would kill himself in Canada Goose Parka a week. Two days ago I woke up to him in our hallway on the floor, Canada Goose Online white as a sheet, out of breath canada goose outlet Canada Goose online canada and speaking incoherently. He was checked into the hospital and it turns out he was canada goose outlet shop taking double doses of his anticoagulant. He hit his thigh on something and that cheap Canada Goose turned into a hemotoma canada goose outlet toronto factory that takes canada goose outlet uk up both thighs and his groin. He was bleeding in his stomach, and was extremely dehydrated. Yesterday he became combative because of alcohol withdrawal. I afraid that this is the end, but the rest of my family doesn seem to canada goose outlet store realize just how serious canada goose outlet reviews it is. She ended up marrying the canada goose uk shop boyfriend, he was an abusive jackass, they divorced, he died when my sister was young. Years later, thinking about how careful canada goose outlet parka and practical canada goose she is in every aspect of life, I wondered how she ended up pregnant in the first place meaning, to my naive self, canada goose outlet in usa what kind of birth control was she on that had failed? Having just recently begun my first sexual relationship and wanting to avoid such mistakes, I asked.

I wish I hadn That how I learned my sister was a product of rape. It was nasty and apparently I was a shitty kid after that, although I really don remember ever feeling like I was doing anything wrong and when I look back I still don understand why I was perceived so badly. Anyways, canada goose outlet I used to spend a month on my aunt and uncle farm every summer and for a month a year I felt like I was part of a real loving family and those were the happiest days of my childhood. Until one summer, I was probably 7 or 8, canada goose outlet black friday they had come to pick up me and my sisters and I accidentally overheard my dad arguing with canada goose clearance sale them, begging them to take me. They refused. Everyone loaded into the car and I cried as they pulled away. My dad tried to explain that he decided I should stay so we could spend some one on one time together, but canada goose black friday sale my dad worked a lot so I spent the next month basically alone in an empty house. I was basically “adopted” at 15, by my best friends family. everything was great, thought they had accepted me, I had totally accepted them canada goose outlet sale as blood.

One day my phone breaks, friends mom gives me her old one to turn on, (one of those Nokia bricks from the late 90s I think).

Well, she never erased her storage. So got a message from my friend canada goose factory sale on the new phone, and canada goose clearance decided to scroll up for some reason. buy canada goose jacket cheap What exactly do they expect?

I am a mother of mid twenties kids who smoke too much pot, take antianxiety meds but won do counseling, have no canada goose outlet uk sale education past high school, have zero hobbies (besides pot and reddit), are in debt and have absolutely no idea what to do with their lives. But Canada Goose Outlet I don uk canada goose think they are worthless! They are living on their own and trying to make it their way (it not what I wanted for them, but it not my life).

So it blows my mind that those people don canada goose outlet store uk see that they should be proud of canada goose outlet nyc you. canada goose canadian goose jacket jacket outlet I am, and I never meet you.

Let give them canada goose outlet jackets the benefit of the doubt and hope that was a tough period of time for them and they no longer feel that way. Crap, Dude, it sucks though. goose outlet canada Sorry you saw canada goose black friday sale that canada goose outlet new york city.