You don sound like you make wild accusations

Daily Questions Thread Mar 06

So I have my first 70 BTN and WVR. Started custom deliveries and I got enough to buy canada goose jacket cheap get a WVR primary tool, canada goose outlet except I just realised I need a 625+ Twin silk Collectible. I tried making it but it got botched at 200. I admit I do a very cheap canada goose uk basic rotation of Inner canada goose outlet shop Quiet, steady canada goose uk black friday hand 2, hasty touch 2s, great strides and byregot blessing, canada goose outlet jackets as much as CP lasts and canada goose outlet online mends last, then I canada goose outlet uk sale finish with Careful synths 3.i have the omega parts to get a sigmascape (normal) piece of gear that is 350 ilvl and has stats slightly higher than my current augmented lost allagan stuff (slightly higher DEX too without materia) and higher defense stats, but even if i meld savage Canada Goose Online aim VI materia the crit will be significantly lower than my current basically i will slightly gain in canada goose coats on sale canada goose outlet nyc defense, DEX, VIT, skill speed and i think DET too, as well as ilvl, but my crit goes down significantly, should i use it or not?and i often read about canada goose outlet canada left and right side canada goose black friday sale gear and what should be melded where. i don really understand that either. is there a rule of thumb?Left side vs right Canada Goose Parka side gear refers, literally, to gear on the left or right side of your canada goose jackets character Canada Goose online window. Left side is canada goose outlet toronto canada goose clearance factory canada goose weapon/armour/belt, and right side is jewellery.The difference is that right side stuff has room for vitality melds (except for tanks, where it has room for strength melds). Left side stuff doesn it already capped in mainstat and vit, canada goose outlet uk so it useless to meld any more there. On the left you can only meld secondary stats like crit.So for tanks, you meld str on the right canada goose jacket outlet side, and crit/DH/whatever else canada goose outlet in usa on the left side.For non tanks, if you need more toughness you meld vit on the right side. Otherwise you meld crit/DH/whatever in every slot. so I just did cheap Canada Goose a quick search, and turns out the complete edition is on sale at the NA SE store at 50% off. This is an amazing deal that could save me a ton on sub money. The thing is, I Canada Goose Jackets not through maxing out my free trial at the moment, and I kinda wanna do that canada goose outlet online uk first so that I can canada goose outlet reviews just continue with the story from the limits of the free trial.When precasting before the pull, I use Selene’s Fey Wind so canada goose outlet new york city it’s up for everyone opener. Naturally, using an AoE ability, Selene steals goose outlet canada hate for a split second and canada goose factory outlet gets the debuff the MT would get by going too far from the boss. However, once the MT takes back the boss, canada goose outlet black friday canada goose store the DoT is still canada goose factory sale on the fairy. The only way I was able to reset the DoT was to delete that much and continue. If they aren point it out, and that will make the Canada Goose sale healing canada goose uk shop already go much smoother. If you really official canada goose outlet wanna push your luck, you can also tell them that their benefic2 is much better than you doing adlos on MT as the manacost of Adlo is just so much higher (also Benefic2 has higher potency heal than Adlo), canada goose outlet store and I uk canada goose outlet am surprised you are not running out of mana if you are handling most of the healing. I run myself dry if I actually have to heal on SCH pretty fast. You don sound like you make wild accusations, so why not just say nicely that you feel like you have a hard time keeping canada goose coats up with all the healing lately canada goose black friday sale and when looking at the logs you realized that he seems to buy canada goose jacket have a different focus than you. If your canada goose clearance sale overheal percentage is significantly more than your partner’s, than the fact Canada Goose Outlet that you’re healing more than them can be mitigated by becoming more efficient with your own heals, since canada goose outlet sale it means a chunk of your healing was already unnecessary.If you’re not overhealing and thus actually carrying most of the healing, then that means your partner canadian goose jacket isn’t making sufficient use of their own abilities to help carry the slack. So I been trying out the free trial for about Canada Goose Coats On Sale a month now, and I pretty sure at this point that I gonna buy the complete edition to catch up on everything when I get a better computer in about a month from now. uk canada goose A canada goose outlet store uk late cast tank LB can have a sort of inverse effect: the LB buff is applied to the party one by one (comparable to Apathy), and may not apply to party members before damage hits (comparable to Siren’s cleanse). The easy solution is canada goose outlet parka to not apply the final paint to Siren for an extra second or two, to canada goose uk outlet ensure everyone’s already got Apathy and will be cleansed.